Ready to make a living from training horses?


It’s time to build a horse training business that works for you, not the other way around.


Ready to make a living from training horses?

It’s time to build a horse training business that works for you, not other way around.

The Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers will teach you how to:

Increase Your Profit
Market with Confidence
and Elevate Your Lifestyle

Here’s what you’ll get with the Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers:

Three LIVE group coaching calls each month (with replays!)

Learn the strategies and tools that we’ve used to grow our internationally-recognized training program and receive direct access for questions and feedback about your own program.

Proven business models, strategies, templates, and more to increase your profit!

Mapped out strategies, tactical processes, and proven business models to increase your profit and decrease your busy work and time wasted

Access to a network of knowledgeable and supportive horse professionals

Build a network of knowledgeable and supportive professionals that’ll enable you to accelerate your business based on their practical experiences

Priority registration to CWH Events, Seminars, and Retreats

Priority access to CWH Retreats, Seminars and Clinic experiences for in-depth, personal growth and world class networking opportunities

On-demand access to the CWH Video Library for training and management tips

On demand access to the CWH Video Library Horse & Human development program- a resource that supports professionals in their training and teaching of students of all levels

Why am I teaching my “Secrets to Success” and coaching other professionals?

I’m sick and tired of my friends, fellow professionals, who pour their heart and soul into their horse training businesses working sun-up to sun-down, grinding, and draining themselves in an unsustainable fashion.

Having grown up in a family of international business, it wasn’t until my late teens that I learned about the stigma that comes along with being a “starving horse trainer,” or when I heard the joke, “How do you get a million dollars in the horse industry? Start with a billion.”

My creative perspective on business led me to look at my business differently, and to ask myself early on this question: would I be willing to train one horse a month to make the money to invest in the coaching and mentorship that I need to become successful in this industry?

My answer was undoubtedly, YES!

I understood that the investment into finding a mentor to help guide me along my journey would pay for itself if I were willing to accept their guidance and put in the work. I knew that this investment would allow me to do what I truly enjoyed: educate horses and people.

So, if you’re willing to ride just one training horse a month to transform your business and your life, it’s time to get your horse training business working for you, not the other way around.

-Colton Woods

Business Mentorship for Horse Trainers is for YOU
if you’re ready to INCREASE YOUR PROFIT by:

Confidently Marketing Online

Building Predictable Sources of Income

Working with Clients You Enjoy

Creating More Time in Your Schedule

Decreasing Your Stress

Increasing Demand for Your Work

What Others Have to Say

– Charles McDonald

“Colton understands what it takes to run a successful horse training business: the raw, physical, hands-on side of it, as well as the communications, business marketing and handling customers aspects. He has inspired me to branch away from some of the traditional mentalities of owning and operating a training business, and I can honestly say that I wish I had done so sooner.

It’s inspiring, to say the least, how confidently Colton runs his business, and how patient he is while building its foundation. There seem to be so many young horsemen/women looking to establish their own horse training business with big goals and aspirations to make it in this tough industry. But then they find themselves and their operations stagnant. I’ve found myself feeling in that position many times in my career. Colton has always been a phone call away with new ideas and something to push my business outside of its comfort zone. I’m extremely grateful for the access to his knowledge, experiences, and friendship.”

-Shelby Winsted

“I’m fortunate to know Colton and Maredith. I’m blown away by what they have to offer and this program is like no other. Colton Woods Horsemanship embodies what it means to do good business, be good people, and good horsemen and women — consistently.

If you’re looking to invest in yourself and kickstart your business, take a moment right now and learn about this opportunity.”

– Justin Haefner